Club Floor

On the 89th floor of the Federation Tower, the flagship skyscraper in the Moscow International Business Center, there is an exquisite club floor. It is a unique and stylish area only for residents and visitors of the “platinum” apartments of the tower.

There are posh lobbies, a restaurant, a bar, fitness facilities and a cardio gym. The club floor may only be reached by a special card available exclusively to owners of apartments and their guests, as well as to the elected members of the club.
The food court of the club floor of the Federation Tower includes a place for master classes by the best chefs of the world, coffee and tea ceremonies and wine tastings. For business meetings, there is a meeting room equipped with the state-of-the-art technology.

The club floor of the Federation Tower is designed in a quiet and strict geometric style. Preference in the decoration is given to natural dark stone, which allows to reach a pleasant atmosphere in the space filled with light from the panoramic windows. Particular attention is paid to details emphasizing the link of the club floor with the style of the entire Federation Tower: carved stone columns and metal-incrusted slate floor add individuality and gloss to the space.

The doors of the club floor are open 24 hours a day.