The Moscow International Business Center is a new landmark of the capital, the center of business life

It is the largest investment and construction project in Europe, which is called “Moscow Manhattan”.

As the large-scale urban development project, Moscow International Business Center proves that the “living and working in one place” formula is becoming increasingly important. This is a whole district where A and B+ class offices are found side by side with luxury apartments. In total, 4,5 million square meters of real estate will be commissioned. But even today, all the infrastructure needed for a comfortable stay 24/7 has been gathered in one area (about 500 infrastructure projects): shopping arcades, cafés and restaurants, a cinema theatre, banks, medical centers, fitness centers, beauty salons, a picture gallery, a playground, dry-cleaners, dressmakers, tailors are at hand and in walking distance. All these companies are able to solve everyday household matters of residents, employees of companies located in the MIBC and guests, which total population is about 100 thousand. And after the construction of this large-scale project is completed (by 2018), their number will reach 250 thousand, that would be comparable to the population of the whole city.

The improvement of the transport situation in the block and solution of the parking problem promotes the development of business activity and attraction of new people. Currently, there are 11 000 parking spaces in the territory of the MIBC, and after completion of all construction works there will be about 30 000. Underground space that connects all the buildings, pedestrian zones, public transportation (under- and above-ground) and parking are developed intensively here. Additionally, the Moscow International Business Center will host a large transport interchange hub, which will unite all traffic flows and help to create the necessary conditions for a more dynamic life of “a city within a city”.