The integrated security system in the Federation Tower is really unique

The flagship skyscraper of the Moscow International Business Center has several own security systems installed: safeguarding, firefighting, engineering equipment monitoring (water supply, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, lighting, etc.), remote access control system (compliance with the regime for the movement onsite), and video surveillance. There are the fire elevators in the tallest building in Europe, which are intended both to evacuate people and to lift the emergency services in case of emergency. They will continue to work even when all other skyscraper’s elevators stopped working. There are fire stairs equipped with emergency lighting and smoke ventilation.

The Federation Tower has several security zones. These are the rooms intended for the evacuation of people. The building is divided into several fire zones. The role of a barrier to the spread of fire in an emergency situation will be played even by engineering structures (walls and floors built with special fire-resistant materials), the drencher system (water fire suppression systems) and automatic fire curtains – if inactive, no one can see them, they are usually mounted in the ceiling and used in elevator areas and passages.

Hundreds of surveillance cameras are installed. Video monitoring is carried out only in common areas: in adjacent areas, galleries, halls, elevator areas, etc.

In 2009, the Discovery Channel presented to the Russian audience a documentary about the Federation Tower which tells about the high-rise construction experience and focuses on the theme of the increased safety of high-rise structures. The filmmakers came to the conclusion that after the construction of the Federation Tower is completed, it will be the safest high-rise building in the world.