Air Conditioning

The Federation Tower has its own automated system of ventilation and air-conditioning

In addition, each apartment can be equipped with the Smart House technology.

Energy saving in the flagship skyscraper located in the heart of the Moscow International Business Center is based on the latest technological developments. The Federation Tower uses a heat recovery system which is unique for Russia. Energy-saving technology is based on the principle of reusing the heat of the exhaust air being removed from the building to warm up the fresh supply air. This allows saving a considerable amount of energy.

Additionally, the automated building management system allows pumping excess heat and cold from one part of the building to another, ensuring minimum energy consumption. It became possible as a result of the installation of variable pressure hydraulic systems. Besides that, there are special sensors throughout the entire complex that record changes in temperature, light intensity, presence of people, and react to these changes.

All these technologies are applied in the Federation Tower business complex and are exlusive on the Russian market. The system has already proven its efficiency: during the heat wave in the summer of 2013 and 2014 there have been no complaints from tenants and residents.