The interiors of the Federation Tower are a vivid example of how the external architectural form is reflected in all elements of the project

One idea, one design line run through the entire complex, covering lining of natural stone, glass and metal surfaces.

The theme is taken further not only in the decoration of the facade of the complex, but also in the interior of the building, in the solution of the design of entrance lobbies, elevators, stair halls. There is not any random element; even door handles have the form of details with a recognizable silhouette of the tower. However, the limited choice of materials and geometric strictness of the forms counterbalance the decorative effect not allowing it to become excessive.

When creating interior solutions for the office section of the Federation Tower, the architects proceeded from the configuration of indoor spaces – the Federation Tower lined by glass on all sides in plan view constitutes a spherical triangle. Layouts consist of offices and waiting areas seemed floating in the sky, with frosted glass or light wood paneled walls. Details of the interiors have been specially designed for this project.