Federation Tower is fully lined with glass

The facades are decorated with an abstract image of clouds, thus creating a sense that the skyscraper looks like floating in the sky. The building is distinguished by simple forms and crisp lines. The contrast between spectacular details and the generally restrained image is the idea of the architects and project designers Sergei Tchoban and Peter Schweger.

Windows in the Federation Tower are panoramic. The height of the windows opening on some floors reaches 5,5 meters and their bandwidth – 1,83 meters. And there are no bars or handrails which would prevent one from enjoying the magnificent views of the city, the sunrise and sunset.

The surface of the Federation Tower’s glass reflects ultraviolet light, while maintaining an optimum temperature inside the building. The density of the glass makes it nearly as heat resistant as a brick wall.
For the first time in Russia, the facade of the building was constructed using the technology of structural glazing with double-glazed windows filled with argon.