The Federation Tower is a unique architectural design, interesting from all points of view. Every centimeter has been adjusted and thought-out here. The best experts from around the world have been involved in the construction of the tallest building in Europe. Architects are from Germany, engineers from the United States, builders from Turkey, and creators of the facade cleaning system from Australia. Everyone is the leader in its industry.


The architectural solution of the Federation Tower is designed in a contemporary, restrained and refined style. The monumental building consists of two impressive towers erected on one podium uniting them into a single whole: the West Tower, with 63 floors and 243 meters high, and the East Tower, 95 floors, 374 meters high.

At the stages of design and construction of the Federation Tower, numerous innovative ideas were introduced, the most advanced technologies were applied and only high quality materials were used.

The total floor area of the Federation Tower amounts to 443 000 m2.

The total area of the land plot is 10 730 m2.